Tad pretentious? Well, to be quite honest I just came across this word today, mostly because my old English teacher used to chastise anyone who used a phrase even vaguely heard of. Another reason which may be stated is my complete contempt at having to admit that I do get rather jealous, very jealous…well actually getting drunk and screaming ‘WHORE’ into someone’s face is something which I cannot honestly say I haven’t done. It’s a very odd emotion, jealousy, the irony being that you are jealous because you want something, however, this jealousy makes it much more unlikely you will get it. My boyfriend points this out very frequently to me, his thinking being that if I wasn’t having a jealous strop at a party and being in a huff with him we would speak more and have a better time, thereby making it less likely that I would get jealous.

The irony is, although I try to convince myself not to be jealous this cannot fully be accomplished without me feeling that none of my friends would want to get together with him if we were to break up. Sadly, I do not think this is true at all, making it almost impossible to control my chartreuse-eyed monster.

Grace x