So, this blog business: I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, due to it seeming like an interesting endeavour. However, today, more than any other recent dates I need something to take my mind off things. Well, my first call of business should probably be to state some things about myself: I am pretty normal in terms of the hobbies and interests of a nineteen year old, perhaps with the exception of my obsession with classic literature and having read every Margaret Atwood book around. I’m also rather jealous, which is odd as only a year and a half ago I seemed to be running around rather carefree and not caring too much about any of my many failed flings. Anyway, back to the ‘taking my mind off things’ business, yesterday my clearly very coordinated boyfriend, lets call him Jeff, managed to slice his hand open while trying to cook fajitas, as a result of this I can’t see him until tomorrow and he need to have an operation to fix some nerve ending things on Tuesday. This happened during a typical day chilling with him and some friends, after the accident his brother went with him in the ambulance and I proceeded to get very drunk and chain smoke my weight in tobacco. Yes, this is probably not the best approach to things but my threshold for pretty much anything (pain, anxiety etc) is, well, nil. Luckily, he’s quite carefree so manages to calm me down fairly well but today is just not going well, especially as my room is utterly clogged with his things.

Anyway, for now, writing about some nice things may be a good idea before I have a mental break down and through my hp pavilion out of the window (oh, other thing, I’m a thrower, I throw things. This throwing gets very expensive when it happens as a result of any emotion which exceeds 5/10 in terms of feeling). Well, probably one of the happiest things I can think of right now is being so excited to back to university soon, having basically your own place is fantastic and the people there just seem simpler than those at home, this probably being due to the fact that everyone at home has grown up with each other and no one seems to get together with anyone outside of out group, so, as you can imagine, things get difficult. I am also constantly fascinated about what the human body is capable of in terms of tiny food portions followed by extreme alcohol and cigarette abuse: which yes, I am aware is not a good idea, but hey, I’m 19 so no judgements allowed. I also kind of miss working, I mean, summer is great and everything but having an essay on a topic you are really interested in, sneaking sugar, with a bit of tea, into the library and snacking away on Morrison’s own lemon limes is a bit of a dream.

So really, just an average girl clogging up the internet with yet another free blog, but hoping people may actually enjoy my little antidotes and musings, maybe even leave a comment perhaps ( shocked face). Also, I don’t really have the greatest knowledge of other blogs so feel free to recommend.

Grace x