I have often considered the benefits and drawbacks involved in plastic surgery, its a subject that really fascinates me, partly, I believe, because I don’t really understand it. After doing some research into the topic I discovered that many plastic surgeons offer advise and counselling prior to the procedure taking place. However, in my mind it seems that although these consultations are meant to determine that the individual is of sound mind this cannot truly be so.

Of course I am currently speaking of voluntary procedures not involving birth defects, accidents etc.. I am considering people actively hating their bodies so much that they opt to undergo serious operations. This brings me back to the ideology that most of the people who are allowed plastic surgery are of sound mind, according to their surgeons. This, in my mind, simply cannot be true; people hate and fear life saving operations, let alone ones which could easily be avoided. This point is easily demonstrated by the fact that if ‘lunch time’ is typed into Google, the first thing on the drop down menu is ‘lunchtime lipo’. I mean really, this procedure is clearly not for those who obviously need it, it is simply worth a few trips to the gym. Additionally, the fact that some people are allowed to undergo numerous plastic surgeries demonstrates the fact that surgeons cannot truly be looking out for the welfare of their clients; especially as plastic surgery addiction is now considered a real disorder.

Another thing I do not understand is how people assume that face lifts, brow lifts, eye lifts etc. will make them look better or younger. Plastic surgery may hold back a few years, however, it is pretty obvious when someone has had it done, and in worse cases it makes the person look even worse. This may be simply a difference in preference but I for one believe that the natural look is much superior to skin which looks as if it is going to rip open from the sheer force with which it is pressing down on your sculpted cheek bones.


I do not believe that anyone undergoing intense and/or numerous plastic surgeries for non- life threatening or life-hindering reasons can be of sound mind.

Would love to hear other views on this topic

Grace x