As I have mentioned before, for the full list of this challenge simply go to the post named ‘Fantastic’ and there will be a link for the blog on which I found this wonderful list. Okay here it goes:

7. Your star sign and how do you think it fits.

I am a Sagittarius, the archer thing. I’m not sure if I can comment on whether my star sign fits me or not due to the varied things I have read about it. However, I do know that this star sign is one of the ‘fire’ signs which associates it with passion and the difficulty to control strong emotions such as anger. I think it can be said that this description fits me rather well as I am usually quite vocal about how I feel. Nevertheless, I do think that if you try, you can find something in every star sign description to associate with yourself…of course, if this wasn’t the case they wouldn’t have lasted this long and the sport sections of tabloids would be longer due to there not being a horoscope section!


Ohhh, also also also, the boyfriend just rang and he’s already out of surgery (and I was hoping he’d be back at 6 at the best) and that he should be home in about an hour! I am so excited, I shall have updates on how he’s feeling very soon!