Hey there!

So, my boyfriend is finally having his hand operation today to try to repair the cut he got from a kitchen knife and restore the feeling in one of his fingers. He had to leave really early today and tried to make me promise I would go back to sleep but I am simply too restless- I guess blogging will be occurring pretty regularly today. Yesterday I discovered that hugging was just rubbish with an injured hand and spooning just wasn’t going to happen; in fact I was so damn worried I would roll over in my sleep and crush it or wake up not realising he was injured and grab it I decided to sleep on a blow up mattress on the floor!

Apart from this, it was a pretty good night . The cheeky fucker even had the nerve to ask for a hand job, his argument being that the one and a half days he went without a sexual encounter was simply too long. Now, half way through this I realised I myself would not be getting much sexual attention in the near future; this is crap. I have a pretty high sex drive and in a way it is not actually a drive for orgasms or anything like that, its more the weight of man and the heat and passion which I enjoy, sadly, I am currently cut off. Rubbish cuddles will have to suffice. 

On the bright side I have a lot of fun things ahead of me today, there’s blogging for one which I have discovered is absolutely awesome; reading the blogs of others; pokemon; nip/tuck; an episode of ‘How to be a Gentleman’ which my boyfriend wouldn’t watch with me as he’s already seen it; food; bath and reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, which yes, is an odd choice for one who’s room is clogged with classics. Additionally, I have discovered some sort of growth on my foot which feels like a new bone growing. This bothers me due to my fiddling tendencies as I have to fiddle with it, yet it feels awful when I do. Apparently, before modern medicine bibles would be dropped on these to help the cells disperse… I guess I have something to do if I get REALLY bored and nervous then.

Grace x