8. Moment when you were most satisfied with your life.
I think this is quite a difficult one as I’m quite a lazy person so there is always something more I could do. On the other hand, I am quite a satisfied person in general so would say I’m pretty much always satisfied with my life 
9. What do you hope your future will be?
I hope my future will be one with a happy family and a job which I enjoy doing. My greatest hope is that there will always be people to welcome me home or run to donate their kidneys for me. My hope for the future is that it’s as interesting and happy and the life I lead now; though obviously different in areas such as marriage, children and career.
10. Describe your first love and your first kiss.
My first love: Now this was a great big mess, a guy who, it turned out, didn’t really care about me and was just a wizard with words. It was young love as we met when I was only fourteen, our on and off relationship continued until my current boyfriend, my then best friend, told me he liked me. My first love was mainly dominated by jealousy on both sides and very little trust. It taught me so much and it could be amazing at times but the bad times were horrendous. My first kiss: This was a dare set in a park after school, I kissed one of my good friends and I think I was about twelve at the time, we then proceeded to have a two/three day relationship which was part of the dare also. Good fun, the simple days of being young!
11. Turn on your music player, turn on shuffle and write the first ten songs it’ll play.
Now, I would like to note that the computer I have I have only had for a short while so there are not many songs at all, the ipad with my massive collection is with my boyfriend at the hospital, but anyway, here it goes: 1) Jessie J: Laserlight 2) Example: Midnight Run 3) Nelly: Over and Over 4) David Guetta: Turn Me On 4) Taylor Swift: Mine 5) Maroon 5: Moves Like Jagger 6) Seal: Kissed By a Rose 7) Charlene Soraia: Wherever You May Go (it sounds like she has a lisp when she sings ‘wherever’) 8) RJ Helton: Missing Me 9) Baz Luhmann: Everybody’s Free (please please listen to this, it is so amazing) 10) Usher: Climax
I made this kind of a game for me and pressed next on my keyboard and tried to guess them, did pretty well
12. Describe your whole day in short notes.
Wake up at 6am as boyfriend’s going to the hospital
Pat about after him before he has to leave
Blog, facebook, tetris
Mostly blogging and reading blogs
Make noodles
Tea and cookie
Telephone: He’s coming back in only an hour!
Get ciggarettes
NOTE: I am pretty much always highly unproductive!
13. Which country would you like to visit or move in?
I actually had this massive world map on my wall at university and me and my boyfriend did little symbols in different colours on places we had been and placed we’d like to go. I practically raped the map with the my symbol for where I wanted to go! Here’s a short list: China, America, Dubai, North/ South Pole, Africa, India, New Zealand, the list is pretty much endless!
Right, I’m a bit bored of these question things now and feel like I’m just rushing them a bit, to be honest I can’t be still for anything, I know he’s coming home in a matter of minutes and I just can’t keep it together, I am so excited!