23. Five pictures of famous girls/women you find attractive.
Oh, before I begin, a fun fact. If you google ‘beautiful actresses’ (I needed inspiration okay) the button for related searches says ‘catherine zeta jones’. Now if that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is!
I thought I knew my five top most beautiful women, however, i decided to take some thought and thing are they REALLY beautiful or is it that I am deceived by people/magazines/television presenting them as beautiful and stating that they are. So here it goes, the top five most beautiful famous women (trust me, I have considered them thoroughly and these are NOT in order by the way)
Now, I have looked at many different pictures of these ladies and I think these five are truly beautiful, however, I have not exactly explored this as much as I could have, but here it goes:
1) Charlize Theron
2) Shantal Vananten
3) Misha Barton
4) Lindsey Lohan
5) Lauren Conrad
I had so many issues trying to upload this!!
However, that’s my list. Also, why is watching porn/ masturbation still a taboo in the case of ladies, we have not been brutally circumcised in some barbaric country, we have needs too!
Grace x