As some of you will know my boyfriend’s been in hospital for a hand operation, okay okay, the whole ‘keeping his hand’ thing is a bit severe, but he’s regaining feeling in all his fingers and can now move them pretty well; he even beet me in a car racing game today! His check up is on Friday so I’m planning a little surprise party which I’m quite excited about; he ruined my plan slightly by knowing me too well and guessing, however, he is so going to be double bluffed!

But anyway, I shall now continue my 30 day meme list, now, my list is clearly on crack as I am almost half way done and it is only day two…

14. Your earliest memory
Now, I am rather uncertain about this due to not really knowing what memory is from what age, however, I think one of my earliest ones is having tons and tons of stuffed toys and sleeping on the floor numerous times because I wanted them all to have space on my bed!
15. Your favourite bloggers/websites.
I’m not entirely sure about my favourite bloggers as I am quite new to blogging, however, at the bottom of my page there is a list of who I am following and so far they are definitely my favourites. Websites? I guess I don’t really use my laptop for much more than university work and facebook, and now blogging. Although, check out this crazy one, took me ages to figure it out (well, my boyfriend did really quickly and tried to explain it to me but I was still not getting it for days):
16. Your opinion on mainstream music.
I am not a fan of people opposed to mainstream music, its kind of like not shopping in a supermarket chain. I mean, if you prefer other music that’s fine, but don’t prefer it simply on the fact that its ‘not mainstream’ and you are ‘too unique ‘ for mainstream. I myself am quite a huge fan, I guess that’s mainly because I go clubbing quite a lot and therefore hear a lot of it, and also because, to be honest I do think its generally quite good.
17. Your successes and failures in last year.
I failed to get into my chosen universities and had to go through clearing and I failed to keep my room tidy like I said I would. I can’t really think of anything else and even that last one is pretty rubbish. I don’t really think about failures and I just think that at my age you cannot do anything so bad that it can be considered a ‘failure’. In terms of successes I would say I succeeded in getting good A-level results; getting a good university; being the best girlfriend I can and finishing my first year with nothing below 65% (a 2:1)
18. What do you believe in?
I think my greatest belief, which I use whenever someone says they ‘couldn’t’ do something is that if you wanted to do something enough you would, you just would find a way and would then do it. I believe religion is a joke. I believe there always needs to be some jealousy in a relationship. I believe in myself and the people around me.
19. When did you not respect your parents?
Never, I think it would take a lot for me to loose respect for them and they haven’t even made a dent in that direction
20. How important is education for you?
Very. I think education is crucial for respect, I mean slang is fine as long as you’re capable of correctly writing/speaking a sentence. I don’t think I really value education in terms of future prospects but more in terms of just learning, I enjoy books and I get really happy when I understand something I previously didn’t.
21. One of your favourite TV shows.
Nip/Tuck (Check it out it’s amazing)
22. How did you change in past two years?
I think I am a much more secure person and this is probably the most important thing. In the past two years I have also somehow transformed from somebody who was dashing around sucking face to cuddling on a sofa for over a year and a half now and being ecstatic. Superficially, I have lost about a stone, I mean, I was only about 8 and a half before so I was quite slim anyway, but still. I am now blonde which I quite like and I think I choose clothes significantly better than I used to. Oh, although my boyfriend doesn’t think this is the case, I think my drink tolerance has gone up considerably!