28. Something you miss.
I miss having absolutely no financial responsibility
I miss high school and going to the park to sit on ‘our log’ after
I miss clear cut homework
I probably miss a lot more things.
29. Your goals for the next 30 days.
– To continue blogging, I don’t want to stop at all but sometimes I get lazy, sometimes I drop things which aren’t finished, sometimes I forget. 
– To make my boyfriend forget all about his arm issues
– To sort out all my bank and university stuff
– To book an appointment at the dentist
– To get this weird growth removed from my foot
– To keep getting more daily hits on my blog then I did the day before
30. Your successes and failures in this month.
I have succeeded in starting my blog and people actually reading it (wow and THANK YOU), I have, I think, succeeded in being a good and supportive girlfriend, I have succeeded in doing nothing and just having a good time this summer. I have failed to to anything this month or this summer, I have failed to get my formal affairs in order and I have failed to keep my room clean.
Right, I have not finished the 30 day meme, I actually feel slightly naked and exposed now, I mean now, I will actually just be writing on my own. Probably good I didn’t stretch this out for 30 days then, I would be completely incompetent by then! I have decided, I shall now go smoke, speak to my boyfriend and think of an anecdote that is worthy to be told. Thank you for reading.
Grace x