I’ve just returned from getting coffee with two of my close friends, it was lovely as this summer I don’t think I’ve really seen anyone during the day, except my boyfriend of course. It seems that people no longer venture out during the day or without the promise of a few drinks. I also realised I haven’t really seen people without my boyfriend being there as he is part of the same friendship group.

So, there we are chinwagging away and, lets say Carl, starts to tell a story about how he went to the local pub on Tuesday and saw Chelsea there (I have mentioned ‘Chelsea before: see ‘Naked Party post). Now, recently Chelsea has been rather annoying, she exaggerates absolutely everything and seems to always want to be the centre of attention and therefore fabricates these elaborate stories about really serious topics such as rape and cancer (yes, she has pretended these things happened to her, and yes, these and many others were either disproved or she admitted she had lied later on).

Anyway, Carl said that for the first time in a long time he was actually having a good time with her, however, this was not to last. Carl made up a nickname for her (which I promise you was in no way offensive) and started calling her that during the night. Now, she didn’t mind this and actually laughed along with it for ages. However, when they moved pub she suddenly got angry about this nickname and began being really rude and snide to Carl. Nothing much more happened and them and their group of friends all dispersed and went home.

After Carl told me this story I thought it to be a demonstration of how Chelsea now exaggerates everything. However, that wasn’t even the half of it. When we met my other friend, lets say Steph, later on Carl began telling her the story too, but, before he had even really begun Steph turned around and said

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard about this, tell me what happened!”

“What did you hear?” asked Carl

“Just look at her twitter”

Me and Carl both gazed down at the tweets she was showing us and now these, these where over the top. The tweets claimed that Tuesday night had been the worst night of her life, that it was absolutely crap and that everyone else had a horrible time. Carl was rather baffled by this as him and everyone else they were with had a pretty good time. This state of being confused didn’t last long though

“It’s Chelsea, what do you expect” he said and moved on.

I myself am not a fan of her attention seeking antics. Oh well, everyone knows that most of the stuff she says isn’t true anyway so no biggie.

Grace x