I’ve been seeing a lot about about this man floating about the internet recently and today decided to actually read into it.

I am horrified.

According to this charming gentleman, if you are able to conceive during a rape attack, it is not actually rape, it is consensual. This is interesting as I was not aware that all rapists were reproductively challenged and also assumed that when women are raped they do not know it is going to happen so would rarely be protected from pregnancy. Apparently, I am wrong and ‘legitimate’ rape cannot cause pregnancy.

Now, on top of all this rubbish Akin also states that because rape is a violent encounter the woman’s body would shut down. This is interesting because I do believe many couples have quite rough sex (obviously this cannot be compared to rape but just hear me out), so does that mean that as long as my boyfriend pounds me hard enough we no longer need to worry about contraception?

Although all his words seem like complete crap it does seem that some people are listening, and no, not even the men, women too! In an article I read I was informed about a woman, Martha Byars, who was recently raped and fell pregnant. After listening to Akin she is now convinced that she was in fact not raped and has told police and reporters that she will not be pressing charges because, as she got pregnant, the rape must have been consensual.

This demonstrates how detrimental how detrimental Akin is to society. Rape convictions are already extremely low with estimates that only 1 in 100 rape victims are able to convict their attacker, with Britain being reported as having the lowest rape convictions out of 33 examined countries. For this reason it is clear that people like Akin are not needed in society and that all rape cases should be examined properly and the 26% of American’s who believe that rape is at least in some way, if not completely, the woman’s fault need to converted.

Grace x