I have just now come to the conclusion that I rather detest religion. Now, I know this is probably an awful thing to say as it is something people devote their lives to and have such deep faith in; but honestly, I just can’t stand it. The thing is, I thought I was rather tolerant about religion but, as I explored wordpress’s reader for something to read I found myself beginning articles, spotting any comment about believing in religion and closing the tab muttering ‘Oh God’ under my breath (no pun intended).

The thing about religion is just that I see the stories they tell as essentially more violent versions of Disney films. I mean the old Disney films such as Lion King and the Little Mermaid taught ideas of friendship, acceptance and kindness, sort of like the Bible does but without the killings. Now, yes, religion has a lot of good moral messages but so does the law and so do charities. I think, if you’re actually religious, why not spend the time you spend in church/praying doing something useful such as collecting money for Dog’s Trust or something?

I do not, in any way mean to offend anyone, these are just some thoughts that came across my mind when I began reading about someone’s recovery from heroin where they thanked God, not their family, modern medicine, friends or the rehab they went to.¬†Fascinating.

Grace x