My boyfriend should be home in a matter of minutes and I am so damn excited, well, apart from the fact that we have to get up ridiculously early tomorrow to go to the doctors to have his hand checked over after the operation he had on Tuesday. Nevertheless, I am so excited. You see, the past few days we have lounged about doing nothing and both looking like shit and being upset about his arm. Today, I have showered, conditioned, shaved and straightened; I always feel so much happier when I look my best. 

My plan is to pounce, as soon as he gets through that door he is getting pounced on. If he’s not in the mood, so god help me, I will get him in the fucking mood (ha, unintentional pun, high five to myself). Now, one of my previous posts described the awkward sex we had due to his arm, pain killers, antibiotics and anesthisia. These shall not conquer me today. Today I will not worry about it and enjoy myself. I am also in a ridiculously good mood which tends to rub off on him. 

I am so excited! 

Right, I am off to prepare.

If he’s good he might just get a good morning surprise (if you get what I mean)

I hope I’m slightly sore during my next post

Grace x