As many of you will know the Paraolympics will be being held in London between 29th August and 9th September. Now, I am all for the Paraolympics, however, I do not think that the sporting activities that will be happening are being given due credit at all. Mainly, these thoughts derive from the following two reasons:

1) Why was the Olympic finishing ceremony held and why was the Olympic torch extinguished? I thought that these sports were meant to be part of the Olympics, not the chocolate you get with your bill after the main course.

2) Why is there less hype about these sports? These are obviously much more accomplished athletes than those who are in no was disabled.

I believe that the Paraolympics should be much more integrated into the Olympics, there should be a closing ceremony after ALL the events have been completed, and if not, the Paraolympics should at least have their own opening and closing ceremonies (which, actually, isn’t that good either as this separates the games more). There also needs to be more on the news about the Paraolympics, these amazing people should be receiving the same treatment, endorsement deals and attention as those who have not faced such life difficulties!

Grace x