Feeling a bit rubbish this evening. I mean, this whole thing with my friend and boyfriend has really got to me. I really don’t understand why she got involved. I mean, why is it any of your business?

I also feel like I’ve kind of lost my best friend to my boyfriend. I mean, he was always a mutual friend but it just seems that she prefers him to me so much. I mean, isn’t she meant to be my friend? She’s being a bitch. She likes him, I think.

She’s going to the same university as him next year (she had a gap year so is starting a year after we did). I’m only a few minutes away from him, but she’s going to be there everyday. She’s going to make sure she’s with him everyday.

I think no matter how strong we are or become she is going to come between us.

I hate her for allowing me to think that.

Everything feels so fucked

Grace x