I am currently posing as a pretentious writer typing away on my iPad in a coffee house. I have come to the conclusion that this is actually quite a nice place to write, I feel as though if I run out of worthy things to say I can simply look around and either see a story or see something which can inspire a story. An example of this is my seeing a man here who, I believe, was meeting his wife. He had brought his dog who was completely sombre and well behaved, however, when the man’s wife came out the dog just went absolutely crazy, jumping on her, licking her and generally showing her such immense love! I thought it was touching and I don’t even particularly like dogs.

So here I am in Heathrow’s terminal 5 and what do I see? Dozens and dozens of the people who hold up the name signs (for some reasons these people seem to always be male). Today (and I am rather ashamed of this) I realised that the people holding these cards were from taxi places, waiting to take an arrival to their destination. Somehow this seems less glamorous to what I had hitherto envisaged; I had thought these were important businessmen waiting for their clients or colleagues. Nevertheless, I still wish that one day, my name is on one of those cards. It seems so official, like you’re good at your job and the job is so important that you need to take flights all over the world for it. I know this is a bit of a sad aspiration but hey, everyone has their quirks!

Now, today I realised that a lot of these cards had been replaced with iPads with people’s names written on a blank canvas, one man was actually holding up a name which was flashing in rainbow colours! I even saw a card for someone with the first name of Jesus! This is why I love airports!

Currently I am on the Piccadilly line waiting for my train to depart, while waiting, I am eyeing up a magazine which I hope doesn’t belong to the woman sitting in the seat next to it. You see, my iPad only has 10% charge left! Why didn’t I bring/buy some reading material?!?! 

On the bright side I did get just over £1000 from my grandparents! How fantastic!

So, as you can probably tell, this post is being written over the course of my journey; I am now on the bus on my way home. Weirdly I can’t wait to get onto WordPress (there’s no internet connection so I shall be posting this as soon as I step through my front door). I absolutely love when theirs notifications waiting for me, or my stats have risen; blogging is definitely something I love doing!

As soon as this is uploaded my evening of relaxation and ‘Grace’ time will commence! As sad as this may sound; I have heard that the new ‘the Only Way is Essex’ is now available on Channel 4, so I shall be watching that on my laptop; probably while blogging, because, as some of you will know from earlier posts- I have a problem!

Grace x