The thing is, I want to confront my boyfriend about his allowing Judas (yes, that is meant to reflect my feelings towards this chick) to speak to me in that way. However I don’t really want to cause a stir tomorrow. Now, I don’t know if I’m just trying to keep things happy and have a good day and I’m too scared to get into a fight or I’m trying to be reasonable. I just can’t believe that he let that happen, I am so tempted to call him now but I guess I won’t get anything good out of him, I am also terrified that he will still be there! I mean, if he’s still there that means that she fucking lied to me about leaving soon, and to be honest, basically lied to him too! I don’t really know what to do, I’m frustrated and can’t really see a good night sleep being ahead of me. I want to ring him but I mean, shouldn’t he have rang me to apologise?

What do I do?

I just want, so bad, for him to apologise, for her to apologise.

I want to feel in the right for once.

I hate that he always comes out as the sane and calm one.

Grace x