So, I was just casually scrolling through Facebook when I see this:


Now, this in itself baffles me, however, the comments baffle me even more, the comment’s included:

“I luv God”

“Yes beleave in god” and

“thank you lord”

This post also has 18,747 shares so far. Now, I shall begin with the comments: first of all (now, I don’t even believe in God, but for arguments sake, lets pretend he does), I don’t think God has Facebook, so shall probably not see your unyielding love being professed. If God does have Facebook, I think he has better things to do so, again, shall not see your unyielding love. I also think that if I was God I would appreciate you helping the homeless or something instead of wall posting me about your love from your lovely warm home which also has internet connection.

If I was God I would also appreciate if people would address me without obvious spelling mistakes, especially since they have a computer and most internet browsers provide in-built spell check. In university I have been sent a rather angry email when I did not use the correct formal layout when I emailed about my lost set of keys, if this is considered rude what would speaking in a non formal way to God be considered? At least capitalise the ‘g’ in God! Really, come on!

‘Thank you lord’. Ah yes, thanking him over Facebook, he is sure to see it, also, I really hope you’re not thanking him for this post, I don’t think he made this picture.

Now, on to the actual picture. Apparently, if I re share within two minutes I will get a favour from God. Interesting, so, the starving children in Africa without internet connection won’t get a favour? You’re God is truly magnificent. The person using dial up just got a phone call, oops! God won’t be listening to your prayers! Oh, yes! I shared it in time, right God, I would like a submarine please.

Also, which God is this referring to? I’d assume the Christian one? Sorry everyone from a different faith, I guess you don’t get a wish. Discrimination?

Lastly, the dick who shared this: You have an Ipod with internet connection for fuck’s sake. Go download a book or something. Also, you might want to read the Bible, I hear praying it the way to speak to God. Idiot.

Grace x