“When I think about you, I think about seventeen,
I think about my old Jeep, I think about the stars in the sky,
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory,
Like the soundtrack to a July Saturday night,

I absolutely adore this song, especially as it reminds me so much of my boyfriend. I mean, I met him when I was seventeen, on the day we got out GCSE results (we went to different schools), and from then just became best friends. We’d drink, just the two of us, play strip poker, sleep in random fields, talk about everything. It was amazing.

“To this day when I hear that song, I see you standing their on that lawn,
discount shades and store bought tan,
flip flops and cut off jeans”

Then we started, well, us. Even though the feelings had been there I mean “you looked at me and I was done”, I just never thought something so perfect would actually happen!

I hope he would recognise me if we lost touch as saw each other one day, that there would “still be a spark”

For those of you who’ve read before: “when this tattoo had brand new ink”, when we each others names tattooed for a dare.

I should stop now. Otherwise I’ll just keep going
I love him so much, I am in such a good mood, I can’t wait to see him later.

Grace x