Today I wanted to go buy a blackberry as I haven’t had a phone in absolutely ages as I’ve been to busy to replace it after I lost it in a club (long story short; my boyfriend was so drunk he began grinding on a ridiculously fat bloke who then pushed him, as I was in the process of texting, when my boyfriend fell on to me my phone dropped. I was rather drunk and didn’t realise what I’d dropped, I didn’t really have time to think anyway as I had to drag my boyfriend away from a fight with this bloke. So, yeah, I lost my phone).

Anyway, here I am, cash all ready to buy a phone but no:

Apparently you can’t buy a phone from just anywhere as it will not be compatible with your sim

You have to buy another sim card and top it up with £10 by card or £20 by cash to buy the phone you want, you have to do this even if you already have a contract sim

You need to give so many of your bloody details, I felt like I was applying for a £10,000 loan!

Now, I know that there are different providers etc. etc. and that’s why you can’t buy phones from just any shop, but the other two factors just seem ridiculous! All I wanted to do was buy a damn phone and get home at a reasonable time to still have most of the day to continue with my DIY projects. Oh, and the BBM on the damn thing doesn’t work, and I had to do some weird registration online. Jesus. Isn’t technology meant to be here to make things easier?

Also, seeing an Iphone selling for £600 really makes me question humanity.

Okay, rant over.

I think I’m going to the pub today. I need to be up to go to the hospital at 7am with my boyfriend. Lets see how this works out shall we.

Grace x