I can’t be bothered to continue with the DIY

I can’t be bothered to shower

I can’t be bothered to go to the pub

I’m not surprised really, I mean, an all nighter last night and a long night ahead of me tonight. I really just want to cuddle with my boyfriend, even though I am still rather upset about the whole business that I discussed in the previous post.

Something I’m Proud Of:

Not going onto my boyfriend’s Facebook to stalk him in anyway even though I know his passwords. Day’s like this make is slightly more challenging though!

My plan now is to move everything from my dad’s room to my little brother’s room. If it’s not in his way he won’t really care when I put the bed up, as long as my little brother isn’t back from Grandma’s by that point.

But first… a tiny, TINY, nap……..

Grace x