So, it is 2.09 am in the U.K.

I need to go to the hospital with my boyfriend at 8 am. I already do not trust myself to get up, but today I’ve also had a fair bit of wine; therefore, the likelihood of me getting up is reduced rather substantially.

I have a very bad relationship with alarm clocks. The thing is, when I’m woken up rather harshly I don’t really know what’s going on and I have a tendency to either switch the alarm off or throw the clock/phone at a wall. This is facilitated to an even greater extent by the fact that my boyfriend is a rather heavy sleeper and even if he is woken up when he’s asleep he is likely to forget and instantly fall back to sleep. Therefore, on many occasions when one of us or both of us need to get up I, in my drowsy state, switch off the alarm and fall back to sleep, not really knowing what’s happened. This results in us both waking up later in a frenzy and blaming the manufacturers for us not waking up while running to wherever we need to go. Today this shall not happen. Today I am staying wide awake.

Although, in retrospect, talking about sleep when trying to stay awake probably wasn’t the best of my ideas. I am so tired. I want to sleep so bad. Only four more hours until it seems reasonable to be awake for the task at hand

Grace x