Right guys, I have successfully pulled an all-nighter and can now accompany my boyfriend to the hospital on time! I’m pretty impressed with myself as I was knackered by the time I rolled out of bed this morning, plus I had wine at the pub in the evening! All in all I am proud of myself!

He’s getting his stitches out today, I’m really hoping everything goes well. Neither of us knows what exactly goes on his wounded area after the stitches come out so today shall have a somewhat learning-curve element in it. Now I just have to summon enough will power to get out of bed and off WordPress!

I know the title is a bit mushy but I thought it was appropriate since I’m rather excited to spend the morning with my best friend turner boyfriend (while still being my best friend). I hope we’re not late this time, last time we were in too much of a rush to get any food on the way to the hospital and damn there were some yummy looking places on the way!

I have my blackberry all sorted now, and yes, I do have the WordPress app (it’s actually pretty good). If I have time I’ll sneakily (he doesn’t know about the blog) post anything funny I see on the London Underground- there is ALWAYS something funny on the London Underground.

Grace x