I have just spent probably over an hour trying to make my blog just how I would like it, for those of you who’ve seen it before: I NOW EVEN HAVE CATEGORIES! How very official of me!

The thing is, today I realised my blogs vary quite a lot. I mean, first I blab on about my boyfriend’s broken phone, then I’m all up in yah grill about Akin and disability rights; this is the main reason for the categories to be quite honest. I’m also hoping this category business will promote me to write about important issues which I am interested in and have researched more often. The categories mean that my well written posts aren’t going to be swinging about with the likes of me cooing about my gecko and there will actually be some continuity within the posts about my daily life. How exciting!

So, for those of you who are aware of my all night steak out: it is going well, I (obviously) still have not succumbed to sleep. I have, however, probably eaten my body weight in crap just to get through the night. I expect a very happy boyfriend in the morning; although, to be honest I don’t expect to appreciate it too much due to my exhaustion.

Before I peace-out to read some more blogs (I have found some fantastic stuff tonight by the way! I really need to sort out the widget that says where I’ve commented so more people can see these great blogs) I just want to say that the so called ‘important category’ will not always be full of political debate and wise words, some will just be posts I think are important to me or posts that I think I’ve written well. My musing category can then be free for me to detail my daily life, escapades, my imminent return to university, friends, rants and the goings on between me and the boyfriend (not that these aren’t important, but they’re hardly world events and I quite enjoy the odd, not perfectly punctuated, rant, swoon or antidote.

Last random post I throw in the important file I promise! Just wanted to let yaall know what was happening with this category business. The things in the ‘beyond ramblings’ category are basically things which I have something to say on: ranging from Facebook to the current government, from poetry to important life events (don’t worry, the life stuff will be in the ‘Day-to-Day’ file too).

Grace x