Yesterday I wrote a post which I then proceeded to delete because my boyfriend walked in the room…I really need to find some way of writing where I can hide it easier…on word perhaps?

It’s weird not having a secret from him but also fun to have something just for me and to be fair, this is way better than what a secret from your boyfriend COULD be.

Anyway, yesterday I saw that I was nominated as one of the favourite blogs of Basically the idea is that you state who nominated you, say seven interesting facts about yourself and then nominate some of your favourite blogs (and let these people know). I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea as it allows people to share their favourite blogs with people who read theirs and I think that if you like the topic of one blog you are likely to like at least some of the blogs they read too…so basically better reading for everyone! Anyway, floodedroses is a great blog about life and is honest, fresh and I do feel a bit of a stalker as the blogs she nominated are bloody brilliant too!

My seven interesting facts:

1) I am quite the daydreamer and often imagine my future and what I want it to be like

2) I love documentaries, especially ‘Dispatchers’ on Channel 4

3) I love classics such as Golding, Bronte and Dickens

4) I feel that I can be quite a jealous person at times, drunk: I probably just glow green

5) I lost my virginity on Christmas eve… it was crap and we just stopped after five minutes and watched T.V.

6) When I’m mad at my boyfriend for something really stupid or just know the fight will be pointless I change his name to something like his initials on my phone or change my laptop background (yes, it usually is a picture of us). I find it releases stress without confrontation

7) I get on with guys far easier than I (arggg! Boyfrind literally just came down as the dog was barking…brightside: I have gotten the hang of ‘save draft’) get on with girls generally. Less drama and the whole jealousy thing is a bit mute then

BLOGS:   : Hilarious and a great read. Something I really want to do when I’m single and seems to be truly a good idea for self discovery and exploration  : Current, funny and encompass many a topic. A brilliant girly blog without being stupid and devoid of current affairs  : Funny and refreshing, a truly great read. Such a different perspective on life to those who have had sex. Really interesting!  : I wouldn’t really say I am a feminist but I do believe and agree with so much on this blog, it has really taught me a lot a lot about the values of feminism!  : So interesting and so so touching. It is often only the side of the ‘victim’ that is told but there are other people who suffer when an affair happens.  :Really interesting post about many different things in life. Opinionated and honest.  : This was one of the first blogs I read and thought it was absolutely fantastic! It is so touching it’s actually made me cry on occasion, however, it also shows humour and happiness, a truly lovely blog! Plus, the girl doing it so lovely in her replies and comments  : Mostly because I am in awe of this, I mean I didn’t realise how long 1000 days was and when I did and contemplated no men in any way, not even flirting, I just couldn’t understand it and I was hooked!  : Hilarious, sarcastic, and absolutely brilliant! Small anecdotes of what you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to be plowed!  : Life, musings and a lot of cool pictures and sayings!  : Bloody brilliant, all about women and what they do to men! Stories and a very witty man’s way of thinking!  : Life, boys and general thoughts, very interesting and funny, I laugh constantly on this blog!  : Similar to ‘beinghertheotherwoman’ but the majority is written in beautiful poetry and not the unrelatable-need-to-analyse-to-understand-type, just beautiful, thought provoking and honestly written  : Sexy, funny and always captivating! Also, we may see some cock if enough people comment on one of his posts!

Grace x