In my financial life I have no idea what is going on

People often fault me for this but lets have a look at the joys of being a complete mess:

– If you can’t find something where you think it is hope is not lost as it would be if you were tidy; you can look for hours while keeping the faith that you’ll find what you’re looking for

– You don’t worry about bank balances, you shop eat and live like a rock-star most of your time and the rest of it you get drunk with friends in a park and happen to drop over to their houses around dinner time

– You know someone loves you when they put up with your mess, behaviour and random periods when you  are looking for coins under the sofa

– Your house always looks ‘lived in’

– You get an acute sense of direction and balance when you have to dodge obstacles in your house

– You are quite happy to stay up nights on end to complete assignments and get free sandwiches when the library bistro is shutting for the day

I love mess.

Grace x