None of these are actually bad at all but I guess everyone has pet-peeves and I thought I’d make a list of my boyfriend’s habits which make me squint and give him my attempt at evil eyes! Leave the annoying habits of the people close to you, it’s always fun to share!

1) He has this thing about switching all the plugs on off, see, I don’t do this, so I’ll end up charging my laptop, telephone or trying to fix the computer for hours before realising he’s gone and switched the plug off! By this point my devices have probably died, I haven’t been able to straighten my hair and I’m all up for calling out an electrician for the telly!

2) He picks his nails and lays them on plates with the pretence of putting them in the bin…this never happens. Nails accumulating on plates. Sexy.

3) When he’s drunk it takes us hours to get home on a journey which should take a few minutes, he is completely incapable of speaking and walking at the same time when he had been drinking so ends up stopping every few seconds to say something!

4) He’s the cook. I always need to be in the kitchen when he’s cooking, he will literally pick me up and carry me there if don’t go or will take the blanket, pillows and sheet off the bed or the cushions of the couch!

5) He pees outside when he’s too lazy to go upstairs (I am guilty of doing this once though).

6) Very dominating in games and if we’re making a fire. Doing any sort of quiz or crossword with him is just asking for a squabble!

7) He likes ‘good morning blow-jobs’ where I get nothing for myself and will bug me with his dick until I agree.

8) If he says something I don’t hear he just says ‘Oh don’t worry’ if it’s not something important! This infuriates me! I want to hear everything he says!

There’s probably a few more but I don’t like to moan and I love him, he is fantastic. His little annoying habits just make him up I guess.

Grace x