Tonight I shall be making up for the failure that was last night!

I can’t wait to see my boyfriend.

I’m excited Judas isn’t going to be there.

I want this to be a calm and awesome night with just loads and loads of fun!

I’m so excited I’m actually specifically showering and shaving for the pub…crazy I know!!

Also, a friend who I only recently made up with (she lied about kissing my boyfriend, was really weird around him, admitted to having feelings for him etc.) is back from working abroad. I don’t know yet know if she is coming tonight but her reappearance back in London shall be interesting. My boyfriend and a lot of our mutual friends still don’t speak to her due to the arguments she caused last year. I am curious to know what is going to unfold in my last weeks before I go back to university. I shall call her Megan and I shall inform everyone accordingly.

Grace x