Yesterday I was talking to some friends about sex and the topic of being thrown down came up. As one of my friends said it I replied with ‘hot’ and another friend replied with ‘horrible’.

Now, the throw-down is effectively when you are told by your partner that you will be having sex, end of; it’s when he literally throws you down on the bed and starts kissing you hard. Now, before there is an attack about how I am promoting rape this is obviously only acceptable with someone you trust and someone who will understand when no really means no.

I think the throw-down is definitely one of the sexiest things a guy can do, I like the brave initiation of sex, not a half-hearted attempt. The throw-down also has the carnal wanting and I don’t think I even need to explain what knowing the someone wants you so much can do for your libido!

Regardless, I was told that I have some sort of problem. I don’t think I do and would be proud to say that one of the hottest things my boyfriend has said in the past weeks has been:

“You have 10 seconds to run and if I catch you I’m having my way with you”

…On the other hand I guess this was actually all talk and no action- he did catch me but we were too drunk to do much more than fall asleep. Still, the sentiment was there and it was hot.

Now, on researching this ‘throw down’ sex business I have discovered that it has many branches to it: some of it (the violent ones with the weird toys) I do not like. However, I was quite intrigued to learn that men’s testosterone levels increase significantly after a promotion, sports win or some kind of ‘manly’ success- therefore ladies, throw down sex or ‘animalistic’ sex is said to be most likely to occur after one of these events as his alpha instincts take over.

I think I may start watching football with the boyfriend instead of making him tape it and watch them when I’m not there.

What do you guys think? Animalistic sex: a prelude that someone is over-aggressive and you are being passive or a demonstration of how much someone wants you, ignoring small boundaries like you loving the top he just ripped but respecting the big ones like stopping when you tell him to?

Grace x