…This was my first order yesterday, by the way, I am an absolute lightweight so this was an order to start of an interesting night.

Jeff left early as he was going to a shisha bar with some friends instead- Judas went with him and the guys. Obviously, Strangely, I seem to be caring slightly less about her behaviour as of late, I’m just starting to think that her little remarks about how he’s good looking and a great guy are getting pathetic and I don’t really have competition with someone he’d have to find in his arse to kiss.

Before Jeff left we went outside for a smoke together and had a nice chat. When we got up to go in he walked over to me and started kissing me, this is rather unusual behaviour for him. He said he’d missed me and I looked beautiful. It has been a bit rubbish not spending a lot of time with him as he’s working at his nan’s house and it’s his dad’s birthday today. Nevermind, I’m hoping our togetherness will be back to normal by Tuesday.

Anyone remember Megan? Actually, I didn’t even remember the name I used so had to go through earlier blogs so I should probably re-cap: Argument over Jeff last year, she goes to work abroad, she is now back. We kind of made up during Christmas so it’s not really bad but I am wary of her being around the group too much due to any friction it may once again cause. Luckily, she seems to have ruffled more than just my feathers before she left so that’s not really a major issue.

Over all, it was a pretty good night without drama and it was nice to see her, after all, I had been best friends with her before and she is an absolute nutter!

Today I’m going shopping and am beyond excited, I haven’t got new stuff in absolutely ages and have decided to treat myself a bit. I am also really happy as I am going with a friend from university as she lives only just outside of London and was bored. Spontaneous or what! I can’t wait to hear about her summer and tell her about mine.

I love clothes!

Grace x