She’s at the pub and Jeff won’t be there. I’m guessing she’ll be a lot nicer but that will just irritate me more.

Also, today I learnt I have a shit memory, no self control with money and don’t like foreign people.

– Shit memory: I was meant to buy a bag, that’s what I really wanted, I forgot/

– Self control: I spent way too much money

– Foreign people (not in a racist get them out of the country way, mostly just all this Olympics business): It’s impossible to get a bloody seat, unless it’s from guys who then continue to stand right by it and hit on you. They stand on the wrong side of the escalators (yes, this is a pet peeve of mine), they don’t let people off the train before they get on meaning I’m jammed and having to brutally push people, while wearing heels, to manage to get off at my stop.

I miss Jeff, I want him in my bed NOW! Oh well, two more sleeps I guess

Grace x