YOU have to get those things for YOURSELF!

Also, no offence, but no one reading this really deserves to be given anything from God- he should really be focusing on Africa at the moment and apparently he can’t even manage that.

I don’t understand why people love someone who clearly doesn’t exist or love them back.

I don’t understand why people idolise someone who can’t really seem to do anything right.

Also, no God didn’t answer your prayers, it’s just a coincidence: You pray enough and eventually coincidence will mean that you get what you prayed for.

I don’t really understand what God did or does for the human race, he was evil enough to be like ‘Oh right Eve, you made on mistake and now you can’t ever atone for it, get out of my house’…would anyone do that to their children? I mean, people tell their children not to do things all the time and don’t throw them out into the wilderness if they do do it. Also, Eve was persuaded by Satan to eat the apple…I’m pretty sure Satan would have some incredible persuasion skills!

But seriously, can anyone state even one thing that God has done for humanity? One thing? I honestly can’t think of one to be honest.

Oh… he did give us the 10 commandments, thou shall not kill is pretty good, shame God forgot about it when he flooded the world.


Grace x