I’m allergic to cats.

I like fluffy cats, hence the allergic reactions are crazy.

I do not like the cats without fur.

Now, fluffy cats are like cigarettes because I love them but they are clearly bad for me. They can also be rather cheap; like roll ups. However, like fluffy cats, roll ups are a lot of hassle as they are hard to make and take a lot of maintenance- it is a lot of hassle for me to put up with fluffy cats because I need allergy treatments, need to wash my cushions more often and they need to be brushed. I also look ridiculously ugly when I have an allergic reaction (runny nose, puffy and shrunken eyes, red faced etc.), I probably look ugly making a roll up due to my concentration, this concentration also continues while I smoke as I do not want it to go out or break, I also often need to suck very hard on my roll ups because they are so rubbish (I can’t roll), therefore, more ugly as my cheeks are all sucked in and I’m making a duck-like face.

Cats without fur are terrifying and expensive: cigarettes are terrifying the the sense that they are bad for you, they are also an expensive habit to have.

I now sound like a crazy cat lady.

I only have one cat. Promise.

Grace x