I’m not sure why exactly, but yesterday I was privy to a lot of really bad attempts to chat me and my friends up. Maybe something was in the air? Maybe the bar man was giving away free shots because it was his last day?

Whatever it was it does seem to put more evidence towards my earlier post of why men are idiots (https://overthinkingmind.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/making-up/) Yes, I know, the title doesn’t match, I kind of went of in a tangent and made a post about the failures of the male brain but forgot to change the title till later that night so I guess the hyperlink just keeps the original title.

Anyway, I shall now tell the story of my first encounter of the night:

I left my house late as I had to babysit and was just walking up the road to the bus stop, fumbling around for my headphones, when I hear:

“Do you have a name beautiful?”

Now, my first reaction to this was to turn around and inform this poor soul that everyone, in fact, has a name and I, as encompassed within the human population do, therefore, indeed have a name.

I then turn around and begin to walk away.

“Hey sexy, can I find out your name?”

Right…I am not usually anal about grammar but when I am late, some idiot keeps bugging me and my feet ache I can get a bit anal about everything.

“Well, you probably can in today’s world, it would, in fact, be quite easy to find out my name as you know where I live and what I look like: however, this kind of behavior is what leads to restraining orders and eventually prison sentences.”

Now, by this point I think I have made my point clear. I do not want to speak to him and I want to get going. Apparently, I was not blunt enough.

“Hey sexy, can I talk to you for a minute”

“No, I need to go.”

“Can I walk you?” (Seriously? Are you that obtuse?)


I walk away. Luckily I think he may have finally understood my point… that, or ran out of things he could think of to say.

The thing is, I think someone could potentially work the line “have you got a name?” However, you cannot expect to say it to someone without them having the rebuttal of ‘…well yeah, do you not?’ or something else of a sarcastic nature. I guess this could be the idea? Nevertheless, if I attempt to walk away from you (in this case, numerous times) I am more likely than not completely uninterested. Thanks.

Grace x