This is awful! In fact, this is so awful that I have interrupted my whole telling of the weird guys I met yesterday to bring shocking news…apparently people now just complete ignore and avoid you as a way of breaking up! What on earth is happening? According to the video people do this even in long term relationships that have lasted years!
‘Ghosting’ is completely unacceptable!
You are essentially prohibiting someone from moving on and are just being a childish coward.
Watch the video people!

Grace x

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What is the worst way you have ever ended a relationship? Was it by phone, over text or did you actually do it face to face. My biggest fear is having to break up with someone face to face because I don’t know how they are going to react. Have you ever had ‘ghosting’ happen to you?

Texting, social networking, and email has changed the way people date. The latest trend has nothing to do with technology… it’s called “ghosting”. It’s when a guy or girl is dating someone and out of nowhere they disappear – they stop texting, calling, and emailing the person they’re apparently seeing.

It’s sounds like a pretty immature thing to do, but it’s all the rage these days. Has someone ever tried the ‘ghosting’ method on you in a relationship? Check out the video here.

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