Okay, some of these do go beyond kisses, one even became a relationship, but nothing above some boob grabbing- mostly snogging faces off and a tad bit of dry sex.

– Drunk: Probably the number one reason and one which seems to also contribute to many of the others.

– Revenge: Yes, petty. Yes, necessary.

– Bored: Probably mostly coupled with drunk, however, sometimes people just get bored: No good prospects? Oh, you’ll do

– You’re hot: Might as well, at least you won’t be something I regret in the morning (this can also closely tie with the next reason)

– Brownie Points: My friend got with Pete Doherty’s cousin, I got with a wrestler; sometimes you just know you can tell a good story from it, brag, possibly get cool freebies, and you kinda feel like you accomplished something.

– Rebound: Classic.

– Nice Guy Syndrome: You know you should probably give the poor lamb a go; turns out- you give him a go for the night and then abandon him.

– Bad Guy Syndrome: Why? Just why?

– Compliments: Again, probably drunk- someone says something in passing and you jump them like you would a ravine in a desert.

– Sympathy: I have done this drunk. You’ve put someone in the friendzone, you get drunk, you take them out, you feel even more guilty in the morning

Well, now I feel like a shitty person.

Grace x