Right, so this is the last awful chat up story of that night- yes, all three were in the same night. No, I don’t know if the bar tenders were spiking the drinks of men with crack that night.

So there I am, sitting with my friend when a fella comes over and asks for BOTH our numbers…now, the thing I don’t understand is…this is not like roulette, asking girls next to each other for both their numbers does not mean you have a greater chance at victory. As you can imagine, both of us said no.

However, this was not to be the end of this confused man.

A few minutes later my absolutely wasted friend comes up from doing shots at the bar downstairs. The same fella decides to approach her and ask her for her number. Now, me and my other friend are crazily shaking our heads and making faces at her, however- she agrees that she will take his number down. He takes her phone and starts taping in his number. By this point my drunken fool of a friend is bursting for the toilet so we leave the guy and her phone under the supervision of my friend and dash of to the toilet. Once inside she tells me that this is her tactic, let them give her their number and they leave her alone.

“Hmm, that’s actually not a bad plan.” I say.

We return back to our table knowing that the guy will return her phone and go away, however, as we approach we realize he is miss-calling himself from her phone…he now has her number! Oh dear, well, her plan has not backfired. We quickly make our excuses and go downstairs to find the rest of our friends and have a few drinks with them.

The night progresses without note when, a few hours later, the friend who had given the number to the guy receives a text:

“I’m so so sorry I left so abruptly and couldn’t say goodbye, you are amazing, I hope to see you soon, sorry again..”

Now, I’m already reading this and thinking ‘what a freak’ when she scowls down and I see the end of his text…

“Please love me! xxx”

Okay, just what the fuck!

I don’t even know what to comment on this! Please love me? PLEASE LOVE ME? Is that not one of the weirdest, creepiest thing a stranger has texted you (probably not, but still)


His number is now blocked. However, my mind is incapable of blocking something like this out. I am shocked. Men take note: This is weird. Thanks

Grace x