I rarely have such brilliant sleeps when my boyfriend isn’t around (pathetic I know), but today- wow, I feel refreshed, rested, happy. Excellent sleep all in all.

However, the dream was not so perfect. Now, I’ve heard various things about having bad dreams about someone you’re in a relationship with; some say it demonstrates your insecurities, others say that if you are truly in love you don’t have good dreams about your partner. I don’t know.

Anyway, I have never had a good dream about my boyfriend – Ever:

He has left me to be raped in a park by someone with no hands because he was too busy snogging his ex-girlfriend and he has cheated on me numerous times. Am I really that insecure?

Now, yesterday’s dream is still vivid in my mind:

Me and my boyfriend were somewhere, I think the pub or something, with a load of friends. We got bored as the night wore on and decided to go clubbing. I think pretty much everyone except for my boyfriend and maybe a friend of his or two came to mine for pre-drinks and to get ready. Chelsea was there and was blabbering on about how she wanted to be a better person (I assumed she wouldn’t tell anymore ridiculous lies), she said she would do this by stopping her lies (hurray)! She then told me she wanted to speak to me and took me upstairs to my old bedroom and told me SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH JEFF! She was in love with my boyfriend, what the fuck! I ran out of the room and began trying to call him, no reply. He was meant to meet us as the club so wasn’t as flustered as I could have been. However, with time I became more and more annoyed and one of his friends had to work on calming me down.

I don’t remember if anything else happened or when the dream actually stopped. It felt so vivid and real.

Well, at least it’s not exactly the worst dream I’ve had about my boyfriend!

Grace x