Okay, so we’ve been together for nearly two years but I’m still so so nervous for today. The thing is, it seems that we are either accompanied by friends, lounging in bed together or simply doing ever day things. Also, the fact that we’re both always together means that even when we do go out we’ve already gotten dressed together, walked down together etc. This is not the case today.

I’m getting ready at my dad’s and he’s at ours. I’m nervous and it may sound silly but I feel like, well, it is literally our first date. I’ve washed all my clothes just so I have a selection to choose from and I actually found myself worrying which shoes to wear!

We’re going to this curry place he’s completely obsessed with but which is absolutely fantastic! It shall be a lovely dinner and it seems that every time we go to a restaurant, regardless of the time, we seem to stay till closing- thank God for free jugs of tap water!

I’m nervous but I love it. I am so so so excited for our not so first date! I love that I can get ready alone and feel great about what I see in the mirror. I love the fact that he’s home getting ready too.

Well, first date and all I better not sleep with him and ooo I hope he rings back.

Alright, that was a bit silly, I can’t wait to get him into bed tonight and if he did ring me it would be a bit weird as I’m with him but still, a girl can still feel the za-za-zoo (Yes, a Sex and the City reference)!

Grace x