Right, so I’ve just written how I’m shit scared as I feel like I’m going on a first date with my boyfriend of two years ( https://overthinkingmind.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/first-date/ ) and I’ve just gotten of the phone to him where at the end I stammered like a complete idiot.

Him: “Okay, see you soon.”

Me: “Urr, yeah, urm soon, I’ll ring you, bath, yes have a nice bath urm, b-bye, have a nice bath, a ughht, bye”

I’m surprised he didn’t ask if I hadn’t been kidnapped!

Anyway, this made me think about an earlier conversation with the student finance people. I literally had to read my NAME, yes, my actual name off of a piece of paper as I couldn’t spell it to them! Now, having a very generic and easy name I think this is atrocious behavior! I them stammered in everything I was saying to them, I think they put me on hold so much just to replay what I’d said, laugh, and call in a specialist in understanding idiot talk so the conversation could actually progress!

Maybe I’m just bad on phones.

Also, why is the spell check on WordPress so rubbish? I mean, I’ve literally had to go onto Google/Word to find how to spell something correctly (yes, I am a very bad speller). Also, when I’m too lazy to fix a word I click the little red dotted line expecting the correct word to pop up, but no, instead I get a list of completely unrelated words.

I think Word has made me lazy and illiterate.

Grace x