Tonight I can go to shisha/hooka, I can go drinking, I can see my friends.

Instead I am in bed drinking my body weight in lemon tea.

Why is it that the night you are ill there is so much to do, but when you are bored and wanting to do something there is literally nothing?

On the bright side my dad has bought all the Ally McBeal series’ on dvd and I have the second ‘Fifty Shades’ to read. I also bought enough lemons to last me a lifetime (5 for £1…might as well stock up)! I have also been a bit rubbish with my blogging so I at least I have something to do. Also, my boyfriend is out so I don’t need to attempt to blow my nose in a lady like manner and can blog without fear of discovery all evening until he’s home!

Decent night ahead of me I think!

Grace x