Does this mean I’m a complete troll?

Does it mean I have a horrific body image?

Recently I have noticed that more and more girls on my Facebook seem to have a pictures of them on the toilet… For those of you who have not seen one, it looks a lot like this:

Let’s begin with scenario 1: Right, you literally have shit (sorry for the pun) coming out of both ends of you. Classy lady. The thing I do not understand about pictures like this is why you would keep something like this on your Facebook…are you proud? I have actually seen girls put a similar picture to this as her profile picture…so literally, this is how you are going to classify yourself. The other thing I don’t understand this is why someone is taking this picture…I mean, I’ve only ever gone into the toilet when a friend has been in there if I desperately needed to throw up or if they really needed help. In either scenario I do not think I would be up for taking their picture. Now, let’s say I did, I would then show them in the morning, have a laugh and delete it. It would not be going on Facebook or anything of the sort.

Scenario 2: With the wrath I am currently feeling, I do not even know how I am going to manage to write anything legible. Why is this bitch posing? Why do girls pose on the toilet? I cannot imagine what you think is sexy about this…the fact that your legs are out? The fact you have no underwear on? The fact that your bum is slightly showing? Just wear a fucking short dress if you want these things, you don’t even have to wear underwear if you really don’t want to; just don’t fucking pose like this. Especially, if you are later going to comment on it saying ‘oh you, why did you take this picture?’ You fucking posed for it, also if you don’t want it…untag it. Fucking sorted.

Scenario 3: That’s just Lady Gaga, I don’t think her parents gave her enough attension as a child, that, and she seems to have ADHD, sort it out man, it’s 2012, there’s pills for that shit.

By the way, these obviously aren’t the pictures from Facebook, just some Google images to reiterate my point.

For my concluding statement I would like to say that toilet pictures are horrific and just vulgar. I am not against silly or stupid pictures, I myself have a few horrific ones on Facebook- however, you will never find a picture of me having a shit; that shit’s private!

Grace x