This is most likely going to be my last post this year as tomorrow I am off to a friend’s university house for a New Year’s Eve house party! So, I thought I would make a rather New Year themed post.

1) If there was a Christmas scrooge equivalent to New Year I would not be that person, Christmas I am not a fan off, but New Year, that I am totally on the bandwaggon with!

2) …Which is actually quite odd since I haven’t had a good New Years in absolutely ages. With my ex there were always arguments and there was one year where he followed me to a party and managed to get the phone numbers of all my friends- leading to a lot of harassment and hassle for everyone

3) Last year with my current boyfriend out New Years was spent with his parents amidst cheating allegations

…So, apparently, although I have had some horrendously bad New Year Eve’s I am just in love with the concept and I love how this is something which isn’t promoted as a solely family event and is more based on friends and having a good time rather than paying your dues to various family members


I just hope I have my first good new years in absolutely ages…
and am wishing a New Year to everyone reading πŸ™‚

Grace x