What a Beautiful Morning! Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

…Well actually it’s a bit shit outside but I have definitely woken up in a great mood this morning. I have nothing much to do so am spending the morning with my boyfriend, going to a cafe with some friends, then having the day to myself before the boyfriend gets home. Now, I haven’t had a day to myself in absolutely ages; having a long bath, casually blogging; reading; watching what I want: oh I am just so excited.

Now, the only thing is that my boyfriend dyed my hair blue with one of those wash in wash out sprays, I don’t have time to shower before I leave so now have to walk around with spots of blue in my hair and a rather blue armpit! 

I shall be back with some kind of titillating news/anecdote/thought as soon as I am back from a few errands! I miss the 30 day meme questions, if anyone has anything similar to it do please send me the questions, I rather enjoyed the last batch of questions. Many thanks.

Grace x


The Last 30 Day Meme; two days after beginning Wednesday, Aug 22 2012 

28. Something you miss.
I miss having absolutely no financial responsibility
I miss high school and going to the park to sit on ‘our log’ after
I miss clear cut homework
I probably miss a lot more things.
29. Your goals for the next 30 days.
– To continue blogging, I don’t want to stop at all but sometimes I get lazy, sometimes I drop things which aren’t finished, sometimes I forget. 
– To make my boyfriend forget all about his arm issues
– To sort out all my bank and university stuff
– To book an appointment at the dentist
– To get this weird growth removed from my foot
– To keep getting more daily hits on my blog then I did the day before
30. Your successes and failures in this month.
I have succeeded in starting my blog and people actually reading it (wow and THANK YOU), I have, I think, succeeded in being a good and supportive girlfriend, I have succeeded in doing nothing and just having a good time this summer. I have failed to to anything this month or this summer, I have failed to get my formal affairs in order and I have failed to keep my room clean.
Right, I have not finished the 30 day meme, I actually feel slightly naked and exposed now, I mean now, I will actually just be writing on my own. Probably good I didn’t stretch this out for 30 days then, I would be completely incompetent by then! I have decided, I shall now go smoke, speak to my boyfriend and think of an anecdote that is worthy to be told. Thank you for reading.
Grace x

Continuing the ’30 day meme’ in fast foward Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 

As I have mentioned before, for the full list of this challenge simply go to the post named ‘Fantastic’ and there will be a link for the blog on which I found this wonderful list. Okay here it goes:

7. Your star sign and how do you think it fits.

I am a Sagittarius, the archer thing. I’m not sure if I can comment on whether my star sign fits me or not due to the varied things I have read about it. However, I do know that this star sign is one of the ‘fire’ signs which associates it with passion and the difficulty to control strong emotions such as anger. I think it can be said that this description fits me rather well as I am usually quite vocal about how I feel. Nevertheless, I do think that if you try, you can find something in every star sign description to associate with yourself…of course, if this wasn’t the case they wouldn’t have lasted this long and the sport sections of tabloids would be longer due to there not being a horoscope section!


Ohhh, also also also, the boyfriend just rang and he’s already out of surgery (and I was hoping he’d be back at 6 at the best) and that he should be home in about an hour! I am so excited, I shall have updates on how he’s feeling very soon!

Fantastic! Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 

So, my boyfriend is still away having surgery (hopefully he’ll be home in about 6 hours) and while reading all the fantastic blogs on here I discovered this: 30 days meme. Check it out, its this fantastic list of questions for people to answer, now, I know your supposed to do it over 30 days (obviously) but I know I will just not be able to stick to that at all and it will all just get rather blured to me adding other things in between them so I thought I might as well give it a go in one, ill keep the answers short, tasty and hopefully funny! Right, I was wrong, I think people will fall asleep reading this if I do it in one, I shall do it in sections over the course of today.

1. Write about your current relationship, or about being single
I am currently in a relationship with someone who used to be my best friend for two years before we began dating. I left my ex-boyfriend for this guy and I am so happy. He’s wonderful and after a year and a half, with some difficult challenges along the way, we are still doing brilliantly! He’s jokingly arrogant and a great cook (yes, thats how he ended up in surgery today), he makes me laugh everyday and I’m going to stop now (short and tasty remember).
2. Where do you want to be in ten years?
I’ve always wanted to get married and have children quite young so I want to be married with at least one child who is about six or so (I’m 19 now). I want to have decided what I really love doing and I just want to be happy and content.
3. Your opinion about drugs and alcohol.
Alcohol is definitely one of my friends, cannot even explain how close our relationship is. In terms of drugs I am not hugely opposed to anything as long as it doesn’t affect your daily life (so obviously harder drugs are a definite no for me, as well as any kind of addiction to drugs which change you), I myself drink and smoke cigarettes quite often.
4. Your opinion about religion.
I was really tempted to just write ‘it’s a joke’ here but thought that was a bit inconsiderate. I do not oppose religion but feel that it is a catalyst for much extremism, also I feel that in 2012 threatening people is illegal and that is essentially what religions do (believe in me and do as I say or when you die I’m going to get you). I also think being born into a religion is not very good as a child cannot then explore what they believe as they have been brought up to believe only one thing. I also think religion exists to make people feel better, for example about the death of a loved one, I think although it must be wonderful to have the comfort of believing in an afterlife it is simply too much guesswork for me to truly put my life into it.
5. One moment when you thought about suicide.
Never. I guess, I mean, never in any serious way, my feelings towards those who have is one of great sadness, I cannot imagine how bad a life can be to take it. Another thing which links to both this and religion is that those who committed suicide were not previously allowed to be buried on Christian land and would have to be buried in an area designated for suicides (I’m not sure if this is the same for other religions) as it was the only sin you could not atone for, I think this is disgusting and am so glad this has now been outlawed.