Well, to be quite honest, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve just been curled up with my boyfriend since our fight about him inviting Chelsea to stay over (yes, with other people, but still).

Me and my boyfriend also had a fight three nights ago after a boozy night at the pub: neither of us have any idea what it was about so we’re calling it quits.

The day before yesterday we had a bbq, I got tired and fell asleep before everyone left- he woke me up and we cuddled.

Oh! I almost forgot the most important part. PENIS!

Okay, I think this part needs a big of a back story…

You see, me and my boyfriend have been together for almost two years and were friends for two years before that- anyway, by this point I am rather comfortable with him seeing me completely naked in the light and everything; he does not seem to share the same sentiments. He’s always puts the covers over his manhood and always slips right back into his boxers after sex. I don’t know, he seems to want it covered up or at the very least in the dark.

However, there has been a breakthrough in the last few days! Now, he has only had one bath with me, and that was after very much pestering, but a few days ago he actually told me we were having a bath together! Now, he’s even usually rather funny about having fuck loads of bubbles but in today he seemed completely fine and his dick was happily floating around in the bath for all to see:

A) He’s a bit weird

B) He’s finally got rid of a bad case of herpies


However, I am glad he seems to feel more comfortable, I quite like penises and would like for his to be allowed out more. Balls I think he’s more comfortable with. Either way, he was rewarded with a blow job.

Grace x