“What makes your problems bigger than everyone elses?” “They’re mine.” Tuesday, Oct 2 2012 

Yet another brilliant quote from Ally McBeal, that show should really be given for bloggers with writer’s block to watch! Anyway, this quote got me thinking…I mean, essentially, if you think about it, all the problems anyone who is reading this (and hence can get to a computer with an internet connection) really has no problems whatsoever in comparison to about 70% of the world’s population who have real problems, you know, hunger, homelessness ect. Now, even thinking about this it does make so many problems seem pointless and stupid, I mean, I worry about my boyfriend breaking up with me when there are people worrying if their children will come back from digging in gutters for food or plastic to sell. Perspective aye.

On the other hand, I do also believe that everyone’s problems are relative, I mean, for some it’s poverty and for others it’s being rejected for a promotion. I know the two are in no way similar in terms of severity but I do believe that for those who haven’t experienced true problems something like the lack of a promotion could feel like the biggest problem in the world. Essentially, feelings are relative and the thing is, you are the center of your world, hence, I think, your problems do of course seem like something absolutely tragic is happening to you. I think the reality is that you know that your problems aren’t that big in the lager sense of things but because they are yours and are happening to you, do seem like world problems every time.

Well, that’s just my opinion? What does everyone else think about the topic of problems and relativity?

Grace x

Am I an anti-feminist?! Thursday, Sep 27 2012 

Well, that’s probably a rather odd question for a girl to ask. The thing is, when I first started blogging on WordPress I found quite a few feminism articles and thought they were pretty ace so I subscribed to some of them thinking ‘Hey, yeah, equal pay etc.’ However, in the past few days I have really begun to think about the topic of feminism and what it actually means and the various ways in which people promote or discredit it.

Now, the formal definition of feminism is the advocacy of female rights to the point that they are equal to a man’s. This, I agree with. However, as I have read through a variety of feminist articles I have realized that I don’t really fit in there at all:

  • I would love to stay at home with the kids and cook my husband dinner when he got home
  • I love shaving, and doing my hair and getting all ‘girly’ for a night out
  • I would employ a man over a woman for reasons such as pregnancy leave and having to look after sick children
  • I do think men should be the chief providers of the house
  • I think this whole thing that people say about why there are more men higher up in business is completely stupid, women need to have time out when they have children so hence, men progress in their career
  • I like the idea of being protected and cared for by a man, I mean, their bigger and I cry in confrontations

There’s probably more but I already feel a mob of angry feminists outside my house! The thing is, I am aware that you can be a feminist in the most literal sense and therefore don’t have to go with any of the ideals but simply promote equal rights. However I just think that I would be a bit wary of my husband earning less than me, I mean, the balance would seem off and then he may feel he should stay home, no no, I’m staying home and he’s working, I mean, if that’s not what happened wouldn’t he feel a bit demasculated?

The irony is, I’m not from a religious background and all the women around me work so it’s clearly not some sort of brainwashing. I think it’s personal preference and, as awful as this might sounds to some, I love the fact that my boyfriend treats me like a little flower and takes charge.

Well, am I anti-feminist?

No, I believe in the core idea. As soon as any other ideologies come into it though, I’m out.

Grace x

You have something amazing, now you need others to know you have something amazing and be jealous of it! Sunday, Sep 23 2012 

Right, you have the career you want and it’s fantastic: you feel the need to bring it up in front of your unemployed friend

You’re boyfriend is a wonder: you feel the need to bring it up in front of your single friend.

You did great in your university exams: you feel the need to bring it up in front of your flunking friend.

…And the list just goes on. Now, I cannot say that I am not guilty of this, in fact I would actually say that I am a person who does this. It’s awful and it does not portray me as a good person in the slightest but can anyone sympathize? You have what you want but you feel the need to mention it to people who don’t. I think I’m particularly guilty in the boyfriend department, I have this thing where I say things which sound bad about him (e.g. he leaves his shit fucking everywhere), when I actually mean it in a very endearing way.

Does it mean I’m insecure?
…Or am I just an awful human being?

I think I do this most to someone who used to be a really close friend of mine, she dated my boyfriend for about 2 months- they broke up and a few months later I was dating him. She’s single and her last boyfriend left her for some random girl who he had also cheated on her with for months. I don’t know why I need to slide things about mine and Jeff’s happiness, maybe I’m like a dog, marking territory and all that. I don’t know why I do it but I do, maybe I just want her to know that what they had isn’t anywhere close to what we have. I know that’s pathetic and it doesn’t matter- is this a way in which I portray us as being so much more. I know it’s stupid to even compare: I mean, 2 months to 2 years where we have been able to stay together through a whole year of university and have lived together all summer.

Maybe I’m just insecure.

Grace x

10 day challenge! Friday, Sep 7 2012 


Now, I found this on Google images as I quite enjoyed the 30 day challenge I did in about two days!

As per tradition I shall do this one in just one post! Here it goes!

Ten Secrets:

1) I liked my boyfriend whilst he was going out with my best friend, awful I know

2) I still haven’t told a lot of my close friends about a hugely close death in my family, I don’t  really like to share stuff like that

3) I cheated on my ex boyfriend of over five years (on and off) several times, again, awful I know!

4) I am hugely jealous of pretty much every girl my boyfriend talks to- pathetic, I know.

5) When I plucked my first nipple hair I felt like a Chewbacca and nearly cried.

6) I always want to have a massive accident, like death threatening just to see how people would react. Awful? Insecure? Stupid?

7) Sometimes I don’t do clothes washing or have a shower for absolutely ages- disgusting.

8) I’ve slightly thrown up on my boyfriend’s dick. Yes, I know horrific. He still doesn’t know, it was a tiny bit, I wiped it away, sent him to get me juice and febrezed the shit out of the room. In my defence I was really hungover and he pushed my head down too much.

9) I know this is horrific but I don’t think I could deal with having a disabled child. I know that is completely dreadful but I just don’t know how I would cope!

10) I get really anxious about really silly things such as my boyfriend seeming to be a bit off or a friend not responding to a text for a while, I get easily worried I did something wrong.

Nine Loves:

1) My family

2) My boyfriend

3) My cat

4) My gecko

5) University

6) Sex

7) Cuddling

8) Those websites that let you watch practically anything online

9) (I know I’m cheating a bit here but…) Friends, smoking, going out, drinking

Eight Fears:

1) Spiders

2) Getting broken up with

3) Doing something ridiculously embarrassing like peeing myself in public

4) Being shouted at and general confrontations (I hate it, it scares me and I’m highly likely to cry)

5) Cancer

6) Not being able to have children or for them to have any kind of disabilities

7) Never getting married to someone I am crazy about or them cheating on me

8) Rape

Seven Wants:

1) To get married and have a happy family

2) To have a job I extreamly enjoy

3) To stay with my boyfriend as long as I want to and as long as I love him and he still treats me the way he does

4) My boyfriend to have less female friends

5) For my family to be healthy

6) For my little brother to have everything he wants in life

7) For my dad to meet someone he loves again

Six Places:

1) London: I live here now

2) Russia: I was born here, my grandparents live here, it is still one of my favourite places!

3) Leicester: I go to university here and I adore it!

4) Furteventura (Canary Islands): The first place me and my boyfriend went to on holiday, just the two of us.

5) Ireland: Where every boyfriend and guy I’d got with before my current boyfriend had some kind of roots. This is also the place my boyfriend said we were going instead of the Canary Islands right up until we were at the airport!

6) America: Where I desperately want to go ASAP.

Five Foods:

1) Taco’s: Me and my boyfriend eat these constantly, he cooks them bloody amazing!

2) Noodles: The only thing I can make nearly as good as my boyfriend, and the only thing I can afford to eat when I’m done living like a rock-star for the best part of the month!

3) Spaghetti-Bolognese: We used to have a night for this when I was younger and I just love it! I don’t really like the chunks though, I like it meaty, with juice, and heaps of pasta.

4) Chicken Wrap: You can get these amazing ones with salad and some amazing sauce at a kebab shop near me; it’s cheap and tastes fucking amazing, I get it pretty much at every opportunity!

5) Chicken Bhuna: My favourite Indian dish.

Four Books:

1) ‘Orix and Crake’ by Margaret Atwood: Easily one of my favourite books!

2) ‘Pride and Prejustice’ by Jane Austen: One of my favourite Austen books and the one which got me into classics

3) ‘The Dutchess’ by Amanda Foreman: Brilliant book about how women were crucial to political campaigns even in the 17th century, a story with factual evidence about Georgiana, the Dutchess of Devonshire.

4) ‘Winnie the Pooh’ by A.A. Mills: Come on, a childhood classic like this had to be mentioned, such a beautiful book.

Three Films

1) The Butterfly Effect

2) The Notebook

3) Hannibal

Two Songs:

1) ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by The Calling

2) ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City

One Picture (of yourself)

I really don’t think so! At least not yet…

But here’s a funny one I chuckled over for ages:


Grace x

Some more meme! Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 

8. Moment when you were most satisfied with your life.
I think this is quite a difficult one as I’m quite a lazy person so there is always something more I could do. On the other hand, I am quite a satisfied person in general so would say I’m pretty much always satisfied with my life 
9. What do you hope your future will be?
I hope my future will be one with a happy family and a job which I enjoy doing. My greatest hope is that there will always be people to welcome me home or run to donate their kidneys for me. My hope for the future is that it’s as interesting and happy and the life I lead now; though obviously different in areas such as marriage, children and career.
10. Describe your first love and your first kiss.
My first love: Now this was a great big mess, a guy who, it turned out, didn’t really care about me and was just a wizard with words. It was young love as we met when I was only fourteen, our on and off relationship continued until my current boyfriend, my then best friend, told me he liked me. My first love was mainly dominated by jealousy on both sides and very little trust. It taught me so much and it could be amazing at times but the bad times were horrendous. My first kiss: This was a dare set in a park after school, I kissed one of my good friends and I think I was about twelve at the time, we then proceeded to have a two/three day relationship which was part of the dare also. Good fun, the simple days of being young!
11. Turn on your music player, turn on shuffle and write the first ten songs it’ll play.
Now, I would like to note that the computer I have I have only had for a short while so there are not many songs at all, the ipad with my massive collection is with my boyfriend at the hospital, but anyway, here it goes: 1) Jessie J: Laserlight 2) Example: Midnight Run 3) Nelly: Over and Over 4) David Guetta: Turn Me On 4) Taylor Swift: Mine 5) Maroon 5: Moves Like Jagger 6) Seal: Kissed By a Rose 7) Charlene Soraia: Wherever You May Go (it sounds like she has a lisp when she sings ‘wherever’) 8) RJ Helton: Missing Me 9) Baz Luhmann: Everybody’s Free (please please listen to this, it is so amazing) 10) Usher: Climax
I made this kind of a game for me and pressed next on my keyboard and tried to guess them, did pretty well
12. Describe your whole day in short notes.
Wake up at 6am as boyfriend’s going to the hospital
Pat about after him before he has to leave
Blog, facebook, tetris
Mostly blogging and reading blogs
Make noodles
Tea and cookie
Telephone: He’s coming back in only an hour!
Get ciggarettes
NOTE: I am pretty much always highly unproductive!
13. Which country would you like to visit or move in?
I actually had this massive world map on my wall at university and me and my boyfriend did little symbols in different colours on places we had been and placed we’d like to go. I practically raped the map with the my symbol for where I wanted to go! Here’s a short list: China, America, Dubai, North/ South Pole, Africa, India, New Zealand, the list is pretty much endless!
Right, I’m a bit bored of these question things now and feel like I’m just rushing them a bit, to be honest I can’t be still for anything, I know he’s coming home in a matter of minutes and I just can’t keep it together, I am so excited!