I really can’t be bothered! Friday, Aug 31 2012 

I can’t be bothered to continue with the DIY

I can’t be bothered to shower

I can’t be bothered to go to the pub

I’m not surprised really, I mean, an all nighter last night and a long night ahead of me tonight. I really just want to cuddle with my boyfriend, even though I am still rather upset about the whole business that I discussed in the previous post.

Something I’m Proud Of:

Not going onto my boyfriend’s Facebook to stalk him in anyway even though I know his passwords. Day’s like this make is slightly more challenging though!

My plan now is to move everything from my dad’s room to my little brother’s room. If it’s not in his way he won’t really care when I put the bed up, as long as my little brother isn’t back from Grandma’s by that point.

But first… a tiny, TINY, nap……..

Grace x


The Pains of the Technological Age Thursday, Aug 30 2012 

Today I wanted to go buy a blackberry as I haven’t had a phone in absolutely ages as I’ve been to busy to replace it after I lost it in a club (long story short; my boyfriend was so drunk he began grinding on a ridiculously fat bloke who then pushed him, as I was in the process of texting, when my boyfriend fell on to me my phone dropped. I was rather drunk and didn’t realise what I’d dropped, I didn’t really have time to think anyway as I had to drag my boyfriend away from a fight with this bloke. So, yeah, I lost my phone).

Anyway, here I am, cash all ready to buy a phone but no:

Apparently you can’t buy a phone from just anywhere as it will not be compatible with your sim

You have to buy another sim card and top it up with £10 by card or £20 by cash to buy the phone you want, you have to do this even if you already have a contract sim

You need to give so many of your bloody details, I felt like I was applying for a £10,000 loan!

Now, I know that there are different providers etc. etc. and that’s why you can’t buy phones from just any shop, but the other two factors just seem ridiculous! All I wanted to do was buy a damn phone and get home at a reasonable time to still have most of the day to continue with my DIY projects. Oh, and the BBM on the damn thing doesn’t work, and I had to do some weird registration online. Jesus. Isn’t technology meant to be here to make things easier?

Also, seeing an Iphone selling for £600 really makes me question humanity.

Okay, rant over.

I think I’m going to the pub today. I need to be up to go to the hospital at 7am with my boyfriend. Lets see how this works out shall we.

Grace x

Past Few Days Wednesday, Aug 29 2012 

Hey guys, so, I have gone a bit AWOL (absent without official leave; yes I did look up the official definition). Well, it has been a hectic few days. You see, my boyfriend doesn’t know about this blog (as some of you will know he’s in the same friendship group as me, and well, I can’t loose another place to vent about him in), so, it can be difficult to write sometimes as we are pretty much together 24/7.

Mon 27th: First of all, we managed to get into a massive fight where he threatened to leave the house because he didn’t want to stay here and I spoke like I had decided to break up with him (I do this quite a bit though, it makes him think about what he’s saying more). The fight was basically, well, about fighting. It seems that I am the one who brings up issues and somehow, even if I start as the one who is upset he manages to turn it so I end up apologising to him. We made up pretty well though and ended up having a very good night. The thing is, I’m not surprised we ended up fighting, I mean, we were in the process of moving rooms in the house and some general re-decoration; as you can imagine that is bloody strenuous! I am also very adverse to team work, I hate it. This was made even worse by the fact that he only has one hand. It was a stressful day. I think I will be doing house modifications myself in the future, I seem to be a lot better than him at DIY anyway!

Tue 28th: Our friendship group usually goes to a specific pub on Tuesdays, they have pound drinks and basically everyone we know is there and it’s generally quite great. Now, me and my boyfriend were all for going, especially as this week we would be celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday as for her actual birthday she would be away at uni (those of you who have read my earlier posts, this was Chelsea by the way). Now, a few hours before we are about to go he notifies me that a friend of his is back from a month long holiday so he will be going to see him. Now, I would usually not mind but after the day before I really wanted to spend time with him and definitely spend the night. In the end though we ended up going food shopping and he got a bit lazy and cuddly and asked if I just wanted to stay home. I said yes.

Wed 29th: He has just left to have dinner at his dad’s and I am quickly back on WordPress! Although I should probably be doing house work I shall probably be posting like a lunatic! 

Fun Facts:

I now have a different room

I have drastically changed my hair colour (light blonde to dark brown)

I am going to attempt to be tidy!

…These changes are interesting after I have recently posted about wanting to mix things up.

I’m happy.

Happy Wednesday people!

Grace x