I’m quite excited Sunday, Aug 26 2012 

I love having the house to myself ever now and then, I can watch crap television without being pestered by my boyfriend, cook up odd concoctions without running the risk of killing him and sit around doing nothing without thinking I’m being really anti-social. He’s at his dad’s tonight and I may have told him I’ll get the house in order…this is not going to happen. Maybe tomorrow. 

I can also play pokemon!

I am also so excited about picking up my little brother, can’t believe I haven’t seen him in a whole month! The money I’m getting from my grandparents is also a much welcome treat!

I shall be dancing around in my underwear to the best of the 2000’s while smoking and drinking wine! Tonight is going to be a good night!

I can also blog all I like, go to sleep when I like and bathe for hours on end! I quite fancy dyeing my hair too, one of those wash in wash out perhaps? I mean, it took me months and months to go blonde (I’m naturally brunette and am too terrified to bleach my hair so I just dyed it repeatedly) so I don’t really want to dye it anything permanent as I cannot bare to go through that process again!

I also love the London underground, which is what I shall be taking back home from Heathrow!

A game that I used to play ( and sometimes still do) is to look at one person in turn on your carriage and think what you would want to have that is theirs. This can range from a cute top, nice eye colour or awesome shoes to things like being married, having kids or being really graceful. Give it a go, it makes the journey way more fun!

Grace x


I think I have a problem… Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

So, in my last blog I was saying my goodbyes for the night due to my boyfriend coming home, however, I have now haphazardly done my hair and mascara and am back to blogging! This is getting to be a serious addiction!

Now, as some of you will know I was attacked yesterday, attacked by my boyfriend who was armed with a can of blue hair spray. My hair and one of my underarms were mercilessly dyed blue! I had to go into town and see my friends like this, on top of which, I bumped into a former teacher and her ridiculously gorgeous son!

Later I went home, and, like an idiot, decided to have a bath. Half way through I had to pop out to hunt the cupboards down for some conditioner, as I was about to re-enter the bath I realised the water was blue, a deep blue. However, I’m rather lazy so I just got back in. I have now realised my skin and hair are a slightly darker colour than they usually are and I have a few odd rashes developing. I also now need to clean the bath which is usually white and has now been dyed blue as well as being clogged with hair due to the fact I hadn’t brushed my hair in days (when this happens I brush it while I have conditioner in, that’s a really good tip for knots by the way), as well as not having shaved in absolutely ages!

The annoying thing is I can’t even fucking leave it for the cleaner as she only comes on Thursday’s and left before this bath catastrophe took place. Wish me luck

Grace x

What a Beautiful Morning! Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

…Well actually it’s a bit shit outside but I have definitely woken up in a great mood this morning. I have nothing much to do so am spending the morning with my boyfriend, going to a cafe with some friends, then having the day to myself before the boyfriend gets home. Now, I haven’t had a day to myself in absolutely ages; having a long bath, casually blogging; reading; watching what I want: oh I am just so excited.

Now, the only thing is that my boyfriend dyed my hair blue with one of those wash in wash out sprays, I don’t have time to shower before I leave so now have to walk around with spots of blue in my hair and a rather blue armpit! 

I shall be back with some kind of titillating news/anecdote/thought as soon as I am back from a few errands! I miss the 30 day meme questions, if anyone has anything similar to it do please send me the questions, I rather enjoyed the last batch of questions. Many thanks.

Grace x