Today’s the day! Monday, Sep 3 2012 

The camping trip is about to begin! I am in the bath with my laptop and I guess this is going to be goodbye for a while, gosh I’m going to miss blogging!

Judas is coming I think, she is also being rather stuck up and not having the food/alcohol we bought for everyone and having her own stuff, tent and all. Come on, it’s a group thing for only two nights, RELAX!

She has also decided that we need to leave later as she’s not ready. Ridiculous!

Now, I have been suspicious of her for a while now and this whole camping business will, I hope, let me get to the bottom of what’s going on. The thing is I know I may sound slightly crazy and off my rocker but she was previously a good friend of mine but has been acting very cold or mean to me ever since Christmas and now it’s just getting out of hand and out of control!

I hope my phone works up there…especially if I need to rant about her.

I do hope this trip goes well, otherwise it’s going to be a very expensive rubbish few days! I am optimistic! Plus, the camp site is near where my friend from university lives so she’s going to come meet me at some point in the three days which will be AWESOME- I miss her. I miss university.

At least I get to cuddle up with my boyfriend every night we’re there, which I do anyway I guess but a new setting is always nice. Last time we were in a tent we weren’t together and were sharing with another guy and a girl who afterwards became his girlfriend for a few months. Yes, she was my friend. Yes, I may be judged for that. I think that story may just be one of the posts I do when I return from this trip.

Tent-sex? Good? Bad? I shall report back (well, I hope I’ll be able to report back: otherwise this would be a very unsuccessful trip).

Question 3: (Okay, this is slightly related to the post I guess, mentioning it I thought it would make quite a good question) Would you ever go out with your best friend’s ex?

Answer 3: Well, I did. So apparently I would. The thing is, things with us were brooding for a very long time and we did really like each other. They weren’t together for any long amount of time so I didn’t think it would be too bad, I also thought that at the end of the day I liked him and would want to give things a go. I did speak to her about it first once I knew things were going to happen with us. It was hard and it has been hard since but I felt like I just had to. It’s also been nearly two years so I guess I didn’t do it for nothing, more on this story when I’m back.

Grace x

The night before camping! Sunday, Sep 2 2012 

Hey guys, so, yesterday I went on the bar crawl I was all on about, it was pretty good except Judas got rather moody for some reason, I don’t really know or care to be honest.

Anyway, today we were going to go buy all the stuff we needed to go camping and Judas rings me up at about 11am- Now, after a night out that in itself is rather unreasonable. I pick up and she starts yelling at me like proper YELLING about where she should get her tent, what was going on and all these bloody questions!  Now, you would think that a university student with a car would be capable of getting a tent, especially since we all live so close to a town centre!

Now, I try to reply calmly that I am not even awake and in no way know what is going on. Then she gets really angry and starts screaming even more that I organised it and am not making the plan go to shit:

A) I did not organise the trip, my boyfriend did

B) She is so far up his arse she would never shout or even talk in any way which wasn’t pathetic to him

C) No one else got shouted at, out of the seven of us going I knew exactly what they all knew.

So, I get off the phone after she screams some more and start crying- yes, pathetic I know but I am absolutely rubbish with people shouting at me; I just cannot deal with that AT ALL- my boyfriend is a bit rubbish in the comforting department and tries to make up all these excuses for her: however, as updated in this blog this is now the THIRD time she has been out of order with me for no fault of my own, she can’t have a bloody excuse for each of those times.

A few minutes later she texts saying that

she’s not going camping. She sends this to my boyfriend, now, as crazy as I may sound saying this but I think it was just for attention. I honestly think she did it so she would be persuaded to go, this is further backed up by the fact that when she got no reply from him she suddenly texts saying ‘what’s the plan for today then?’ I THOUGHT YOU WEREN’T GOING, I WAS SO BLOODY HAPPY. The thing is, I have truly taken a  very negative view of her, I mean, I think she’s controlling, meddling and just plain mean!

She rang me and my boyfriend several times. We ignored all the calls.

She was in charge of getting tents for everyone with a mate who’s also going: she didn’t get shit and for some reason stalked us to the shop where we were getting food. She then dropped the mate off and left. I didn’t speak to her the whole time she was there. He said that apparently she was on the phone the whole day trying to find someone who would go in her place.

This made me so happy.

However, she then texted another friend telling him to bring lots of cigarettes.

Can she just stop doing things for attention and decide if she’s bloody going, it’s not hard.

She also refuses to give us money for the food and alcohol we bought for everyone.

I hope she doesn’t go to be honest. I think it would be an absolutely amazing trip if she didn’t, if she does I know I’ll just be so on edge and we’ll end up having a fight and that will just ruin it for us and the others.

I really think she has a hidden agenda. I just need to find it.

Anyway, fingers crossed she doesn’t go!

I’ll try to keep you guys posted during my camping stint!

In other news:

Question 2: If you had to be any animal but have the capacity of a human mind which animal would you be?

Answer 2: I think I would want to be something ferocious like a lioness as I would then have incredible strength plus the intelligence of a human. However, thinking about it, if I was an animal I’d probably want to change sex as well as species as then I would be the head of some amazing tribe as I would formulate tactics that were just incredible for animals to do! I wouldn’t want to be hunted by humans though?

Leave your responses guys!

I will reply to the last ones, I think I hear my boyfriend getting out of the bath though so I am rather rushed at the moment!


Grace x