‘Facials’ – And not the £40 spa kind Monday, Dec 24 2012 


In this month’s Cosmopolitan there was an article about what men like to do in bed that women have mixed feelings about. Amongst the obvious threesomes and anal exploration one aspect of this article focused on ejaculating onto a woman’s face. Now, this caught my eye as a few months ago my boyfriend asked me to do it when he was drunk and it has since happened a few more times (including last night after our argument- well, that’s one way to shorten his annoyance with me).

Within the article the discussion focused around whether or not this act was degrading to women. When I looked further into the topic the aspect of degradation continued to appear with great prevalence.

Now, the question which popped into my mind was- if this is degrading surely other sexual acts can also be deemed as degrading to women? Some examples which came to mind are doggy, jizzing on boobs and spanking. I also tried to think of what acts could be seen as sexually degrading to mean and couldn’t think any to name. Turning to the trusted Google search I was also fruitless in any sexual acts which were stated as sexually degrading to men.

It appears only women can be degraded and only acts men can do are sexually degrading. Blow jobs were often high on degradation lists, however licking a woman out appears to be seen as a sign of a guy who cares about you and your pleasure. It seems only women can be degraded and there isn’t really anything which can typically degrade a men.

Personally I do not think any of these acts are degrading. I think the concept that many women would do acts they find degrading to men is degrading. Women have a choice and they do not typically need to do anything they do not want to do. I have done all the acts discussed and never felt degraded.

I think degradation comes from much deeper roots than the act you are preforming- for example, from being forced to do something you are not comfortable with.

I think you should do whatever you and your partner are happy with. Stop thinking about whether you are being degraded and instead consider whether you yourself are against these acts- that’s what truly matters.
Of course this is only my personal opinion- what do you readers think?

Grace x


Am I an anti-feminist?! Thursday, Sep 27 2012 

Well, that’s probably a rather odd question for a girl to ask. The thing is, when I first started blogging on WordPress I found quite a few feminism articles and thought they were pretty ace so I subscribed to some of them thinking ‘Hey, yeah, equal pay etc.’ However, in the past few days I have really begun to think about the topic of feminism and what it actually means and the various ways in which people promote or discredit it.

Now, the formal definition of feminism is the advocacy of female rights to the point that they are equal to a man’s. This, I agree with. However, as I have read through a variety of feminist articles I have realized that I don’t really fit in there at all:

  • I would love to stay at home with the kids and cook my husband dinner when he got home
  • I love shaving, and doing my hair and getting all ‘girly’ for a night out
  • I would employ a man over a woman for reasons such as pregnancy leave and having to look after sick children
  • I do think men should be the chief providers of the house
  • I think this whole thing that people say about why there are more men higher up in business is completely stupid, women need to have time out when they have children so hence, men progress in their career
  • I like the idea of being protected and cared for by a man, I mean, their bigger and I cry in confrontations

There’s probably more but I already feel a mob of angry feminists outside my house! The thing is, I am aware that you can be a feminist in the most literal sense and therefore don’t have to go with any of the ideals but simply promote equal rights. However I just think that I would be a bit wary of my husband earning less than me, I mean, the balance would seem off and then he may feel he should stay home, no no, I’m staying home and he’s working, I mean, if that’s not what happened wouldn’t he feel a bit demasculated?

The irony is, I’m not from a religious background and all the women around me work so it’s clearly not some sort of brainwashing. I think it’s personal preference and, as awful as this might sounds to some, I love the fact that my boyfriend treats me like a little flower and takes charge.

Well, am I anti-feminist?

No, I believe in the core idea. As soon as any other ideologies come into it though, I’m out.

Grace x